We'll be glad to assist you to create your own masterpiece, representative of the love bride and groom share, personalized by the elements most important to both.

Every one of these designs is infinitely adaptable in color, fabrics and style of lettering. These samples are ready to be further personalized, with first or full names of the bride and groom, and/or the wedding late and location. Add pictures, depictions of your professions, hobbies, major life experiences, expectations of the future, whatever is important to you. Borders in a wide variety of trimmings and lace can be added. This is a wonderful way to incorporate your grandmother's shawl or a piece of your mother's wedding gown. Your chuppah may contain religious symbols or be entirely secular.

Ani l'dodi v'dodi li

Oval flowers with red Hebrew letters, "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine," from the Song of Songs

This design, elegant in its simplicity, can be done in any colors, with your choice of floral pattern. The lettering is available in over 20 different styles. On a 6' X 4' chuppah, we would use several rows of flowers, overlapping or not, and possibly another row around the border.

Blue Oriental

This lends itself to a very formal design, greatly expanded in full size. This can be done with or without lettering, possibly in flowing script.

Corner Stars

This design starts with the blue stripes of a tallit (prayer shawl). The stars can circle the names of the bride and groom, or totally encircle the chuppah or remain in the corners - in much larger multiples on a full-size chuppah.


What do your names say about you? Is there a lettering style that just seems to be yours? Would your fiancé be represented by a different or complimentary style? Did your grandfather give you your nickname? Do you have a pet who is an integral part of your family? Does your hobby play a major role in your life?

Star of David

The most well known symbol of Judaism, the "Magen David" in combination with traditional stripes indicative of a tallit. The star can be done in outline, as in this sample, or as a solid, in a single color or a pattern. Butterflies or other images can adorn the stripes; or they can be repeated in a multiple of colors, your wedding colors, or rainbow tones.

The Trail of Life

One half for the bride and one for the groom - the important aspects of their lives, those in the past, those they are looking forward to in the future. Has your bug collection given way to gardening? Are you a mountain climber who was captain of his baseball team in college?

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