A chuppah is a sacred space, a symbol of your first home, an oasis in time and space.

A chuppah is a decorated fabric held aloft as a symbolic home for the new couple. It is often supported by four floor-mounted poles. Alternatively, it may be carried by the bridal attendants as they walk down the aisle and hand-held by them during the ceremony.

In Jewish tradition it represents the wedding chamber to which the bridal couple will retire following the ceremony. It has been said to symbolize the tent dwellings of the Bible as well as the canopied litter which carried the bride in ancient times.

What size is a chuppah?

4 feet by 6 feet or we can size it to order

How much time is required to create a personalized chuppah?

3 to 6 months depending on the complexity of the design

Is a personal meeting between the bridal couple and the artist required?

No, we can correspond by phone or e-mail instead.





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